Pages: 6-10

Date of Publication: 14-Jun-2022

Antibacterial properties of new 5-substituted derivatives of rhodanine-3-propanoic acid

Author: Nidhi Arora, Varsha Devi, Vikramdeep Monga

Category: Pharmaceutics

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Bacterial infections present a serious challenge to health care practitioners due to the emergence of resistance to numerous conventional antibacterial drugs. Therefore, new bacterial targets and new antimicrobials are unmet medical needs. Rhodanine derivatives have been shown to possess potent antimicrobial activity through a novel mechanism. However, their antibacterial potential has not been completely explored. Therefore, the present study series of rhodanine-3-propanoic acid derivatives possessing hydroxyl substituted benzylidene moiety at the C-5 position of the rhodanine core was synthesized through Knoevenagel condensation of rhodanine-3-propanoic acid with various hydroxyl substituted aromatic aldehydes. All the compounds were structurally characterized and evaluated in vitro for their antibacterial activity against two Gram-positive and two Gram-negative bacterial strains. Biological data showed that various synthesized derivatives exhibited potent antibacterial activity against various tested bacterial strains.

Keywords: Rhodanine, rhodanine-3-propanoic acid, synthesis, antimicrobial, antibacterial


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