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PHARMASPIRE - Volume 13, Issue 2, April - June, 2021

Pages: 72-76

Preparation and characterization of ligand anchored polymeric nanoparticles for the treatment of epilepsy

Ashish Kumar Parashar, Balak Das Kurmi , Preeti Patel

Category: Pharmaceutics

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The present work was aimed at developing angiopep-2 anchored nanoparticulate formulation which may improve the efficacy of antiepileptic drug carbamazepine (CBZ) with prolonged circulation and targeting to the seizure sites in the brain. To achieve the above goal, lipoprotein-coated e-caprolactone (e-CL) nanoparticles (NPs) loaded with CBZ were prepared and characterized. The average particle size of the formulation was found to be 96 nm, with an acceptably good polydispersity index (<0.16). The charge values were close to a neutral state with slight negative charges distributed around the NPs (?3.28±0.75 mV). Drug loading was found to be 64%. An initial burst release followed by zero-order release was observed during in vitro drug release. The cumulative release for 48 h was 77.9±2.5%. The in vivo potential targeting effect of formulation was determined using fluorescence of rhodamine B isothiocyanate-labeled e-CL NPs. The fluorescence signal in the brain of animal with formulation was much stronger at any time post-injection ranged from 2 h to 24 h. It is concluded that this novel delivery system may act as an alternative to the conventional oral and intravenous delivery methods.

Keywords: Angiopep-2, carbamazepine, drug targeting, epilepsy, nanoparticles


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