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      <ArticleTitle>Effect of Azadirachta Indica on Pheretima posthuma</ArticleTitle>
      <Abstract>Soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infections are worm that can be facilitated by one or more intestinal parasitic worms such as, roundworm (AL; Ascaris lumbricoides), hookworm (HW; Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus), threadworm (Stronggyloides stercoralis), and whipworm (TT; Trichuris trichiura). More than two billion people are thought to be affected by STH infections globally. Eggs in human faeces, which are commonly seen in low-resource countries, spread soil-transmitted helminths by contaminating the soil and water in unhygienic places. The transmission is by human exposures to the infective stages, either by direct skin penetration or through ingestion, that could result in a serious illness, though infections remain asymptomatic in the majority of cases with light-intensity infections. Azadirachta indica, usually called Indian neem, it has been extensively used in ayurveda, unani and homoeopathic medicine since time immemorial. Azadirachta inidica has been used ethnopharmacologically to treat diseases like cancer, diarrhoea, gastric ulcers, wound infections, trypanosomiasis, malaria, and tuberculosis. Azadirachta indica leaf extracts in methanol were tested for their ability to treat Pheretima posthuma worms. From the experimental outcome we find that the leaf extracts of azardirachta indica, when compared to the usual medication, the plant was found to exhibit substantial anthelmintic activity. Present research concludes that neem has a variety of multiple bioactive compounds. The findings of this study unequivocally show that Azadirachta indica is a significance source of helminthicide.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>Introduction,Clinical and laboratory findings,Factor to increase the transmission of helminths,Mode of transmission of helminths,Pharmacological activity of Azadirachta indica.</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://isfcppharmaspire.com/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=15096&amp;title=Effect of Azadirachta Indica on Pheretima posthuma</Abstract>