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      <Volume-Issue>Volume 14,Issue 1 ,2022 </Volume-Issue>
      <Season>January-March 2022 </Season>
      <ArticleTitle>In vitro and ex vivo evaluation of triamcinolone acetonide-loaded transferosome gel-based novel carrier for the treatment of osteoarthritis</ArticleTitle>
          <FirstName>Ghanshyam Das</FirstName>
      <Abstract>Aim: Osteoarthritis is one of the prevalent disorders of the bone and is the leading cause of death across the globe. The poor survival rate and limited opportunities for treatment require the use of novel therapies to tackle the disease.&#13;
Objectives: In the present invention, we reported significant in vitro and ex vivo improvement of BCS Class IV drug, triamcinolone acetonide (TMA) in transferosome-based gel.&#13;
Materials and Methods: The optimized transferosome-based suspension (TMA-TS) reported nano-size range with negative zeta potential. Conversion of suspension to gel was initiated using Carbopol 934P as gel base. The spreadability, viscosity, and entrapment efficiency were found to be more enhanced in TMA-TG formulation, as compared to pure drug.&#13;
Results and Discussion: The spherical morphology of TMA-TS was confirmed in transmission electron microscopy. In vitro dissolution of TMA-TS augments multi-fold release behavior in TMA in phosphate buffer saline 7.4 as dissolution media. Remarkable permeability was observed in goat skin, as confirmed from ex vivo permeability experiments, as compared to suspension and pure drug. Stability studies indicated robustness of formulation during 3-month storage period.&#13;
Conclusion: In a nutshell, this microparticulate system is well suited and significantly enhanced the biopharmaceutical attributes of TMA.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>In vitro dissolution, Osteoarthritis, Permeability, Triamcinolone acetonide</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://isfcppharmaspire.com/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=14098&amp;title=In vitro and ex vivo evaluation of triamcinolone acetonide-loaded transferosome gel-based novel carrier for the treatment of osteoarthritis</Abstract>
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