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PHARMASPIRE - Volume 15, Issue 03, 2023 , July- September

Pages: 170-176

Date of Publication: 11-Dec-2023

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Insight on development and management of neuropathic pain

Author: Mandeep Kaur, Prabha Rajput

Category: Pharmacology


Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) impacts up to 50% of diabetic people and is a major cause of illness and death. Its neuropathic symptoms, which can be painful, and insensitivity increase the risk of burns, injuries, and foot ulcers. Several recent studies have identified several risk factors for developing DPN, including obesity, poor glycemic control, diabetes duration, hyperlipidemia, impaired insulin signaling, and lipid oxidation and inflammation. Inspection of the lower limbs is necessary for the diagnosis. Anticonvulsant or tricyclic medications, which are typically used, may be needed. Peripheral neuropathy patients should be treated by a podiatrist and given preventative education since they risk developing insensate foot ulcers. A multidisciplinary approach to preventing and managing foot problems, promptly diagnosing and treating neuropathic pain, and controlling specific cardiometabolic objectives should all be included in treating patients with DPN. The concept of categorizing patients based on different aspects of their pain to enhance analgesic response is being researched, and new drugs are being developed to manage painful DPN.

Keywords: Cardiometabolic, Hyperglycemia, Hyperlipidemia, Paresthesia, Sensorimotor polyneuropathy

DOI: 10.56933/Pharmaspire.2023.15127



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