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PHARMASPIRE - Volume 15, Issue 03, 2023 , July- September

Pages: 131-136

Date of Publication: 09-Dec-2023

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Synthesis of N-heterocyclic compounds: A green approach using deep eutectic solvents

Author: Irfan Ali, Rohit Bhatia

Category: P'Ceutical Chemistry


The synthesis of N-heterocyclic compounds is an important area of organic chemistry that provides tremendous potential for the development of new products with vital applications in our daily life, like- pharmaceuticals, dyes, agrochemicals, and more generally, engineered materials with inventive properties. As N-heterocyclic compounds are used in numerous industries and are produced in very large amounts, the development of sustainable methods for their synthesis has become a key goal for modern green chemistry, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of chemical processes. In this context, the current review is focused on new methodologies to synthesize N-heterocyclic compounds in deep eutectic solvents, a new category of ionic solvents that are non-toxic, non-volatile, easily prepare, easily recyclable, and can be derived from renewable sources. Focus has been put on those techniques that recycle the catalyst and solvent on prior basis, as they provide the dual benefit of promoting synthetic efficiency while exhibiting environmental responsibility.

Keywords: Deep eutectic solvents, H-bond catalysis, N-heterocyclic compounds

DOI: 10.56933/Pharmaspire.2023.15123



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