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PHARMASPIRE - Volume 15, Issue 03, 2023 , July- September

Pages: 121-130

Date of Publication: 09-Dec-2023

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Exploring the interconnection of autism and intellectual disability: Advancements in current research overview

Author: Piyush Anand, Shamsher Singh

Category: Pharmacology


This comprehensive review provides an in-depth examination of the current understanding of the link between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual disability (ID). Drawing from empirical research, clinical studies, and theoretical frameworks, the review explores the shared features, etiological factors, diagnostic challenges, and intervention strategies associated with the cooccurrence of ASD and ID. Neurobiological overlaps, including genetic and neurodevelopmental perspectives, are discussed to uncover the complex relationship between these conditions. The review also highlights the phenotypic variability observed in individuals with dual diagnoses, emphasizing the need for personalized approaches to assessment and intervention. Diagnostic considerations, such as diagnostic criteria, assessment tools, and potential biases, are addressed to improve accurate identification and classification. Furthermore, the impact of ASD and ID on various aspects of daily functioning, including cognitive abilities, adaptive skills, social interaction, and academic achievement, is examined. Evidence-based intervention strategies, ranging from behavioral interventions to educational approaches, are explored, along with the importance of early intervention and multidisciplinary collaboration. By synthesizing existing knowledge, this review aims to deepen our understanding of the link between ASD and ID, providing valuable insights for researchers, clinicians, and educators. The review concludes with suggestions for future research directions, highlighting the need for longitudinal studies, advanced neuroimaging techniques, and the development of targeted interventions for individuals with dual diagnoses. Ultimately, this review serves as a comprehensive resource to inform clinical practice, policy-making, and further advancements in supporting individuals with ASD and ID.

Keywords: Autism spectrum disorder, Comorbidity, Diagnosis, Etiology, Intellectual disability, Intervention, Shared features

DOI: 10.56933/Pharmaspire.2023.15122



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