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PHARMASPIRE - Volume 15, Issue 02, 2023, April- June

Pages: 87-90

Date of Publication: 07-Sep-2023

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Recent updates on langya virus

Author: Ruby Gangwar, Arvind Kumar, Abrar Ahmed Zargar, Hardik Kumar, Amit Sharma, Ranjeet Kumar

Category: Pharmacy Practice


In this review, we discussed about the recent outbreak of langya virus (layV). After the major viral outbreak of Covid-19, a newly identified layV was first identified in northeastern provinces of Shandong and Henan in 2018, it, also known as langya henipavirus, belongs to the Paramyxoviridae virus family of single-stranded ribonucleic acid (RNA) viruses that cause different types of viral infections. From 2018 to 2022, a total of 35 reported incidents were either farmers or workers in factories and it was potentially the pathogens in 26 patients. Transmission of the virus is likely to occur from animals to humans. The presence of the virus and its RNA was identified mostly in shrews, indicating that shrews are the virus’s natural reservoir. The information was gathered from Google Scholar, PubMed, ResearchGate, World Health Organization (WHO) website, and other web pages from October 2022 to January 2023. The main aim of this study is to provide current information and awareness about layV to society, health-care professionals, researchers, and academicians on this disease, etc. If people are aware of this disease, then they can handle and prevent themselves. For the prevention for this disease, we include all the relevant information about layV symptoms, prevention, etiology, transmission, epidemiology, and treatment according to the WHO. This paper is helpful for future point of view because if on one takes it seriously then may be in the future, it will become a severe outbreak like Covid-19. In a world where outbreaks like COVID-19 and monkeypox occur, we must keep an eye out for developing infectious diseases like layV.

Keywords: COVID-19, Henipavirues, Langya virus, LayV, Viral disease outbreak, Zoonotic disease

DOI: 10.56933/Pharmaspire.2023.15115



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