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PHARMASPIRE - Volume 11, Issue 1, January-March, 2019

Pages: 29-33

Date of Publication: 14-Jun-2022

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Development and evaluation of pulsatile drug delivery system of pantoprazole sodium for the management of nocturnal acid breakthrough

Author: Daisy Arora, Bharat Khurana, Sukhbir Kaur

Category: Pharmaceutics


Background: The aim of the present investigation was to develop a pulsatile drug delivery system of pantoprazole sodium for the management of peptic ulcer (PU) due to nocturnal acid breakthrough. PU disease is a group of disorders characterized by the presence of ulcers in any portion of the gastrointestinal tract exposed to acid in sufficient concentration and duration. Press-coated tablets were prepared by first preparing the inner core tablets using the direct compression method and then recompressing the core tablet with the coating layer. The type and concentration of disintegrant in the core tablet were varied in different formulations to optimize the best tablets in terms of immediate release and quick disintegration. Methods: Press-coated tablets were prepared with varying concentration of coating material, i.e., hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) K4 M and ethyl cellulose to optimize the lag time. Results: The blend of HPMC and ethyl cellulose in a ratio of 40:60 showed the desired lag time of approximately 3 h and then burst immediate release with the highest dissolution rate as compared to other ratios. Conclusion: The chrono delivery of pantoprazole sodium could be achieved by formulating the tablet by compression or press-coating technique.

Keywords: Pantoprazole sodium, peptic ulcer, pulsatile drug delivery, press-coated tablets; dissolution


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