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PHARMASPIRE - Volume 11, Issue 2, April - June, 2019

Pages: 46-50

Date of Publication: 14-Jun-2022

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Ghee-based all-purpose herbal cream of medicinal use

Author: Vineet Kumar Rai, Sumel Ashique, Amit Sharma, Ajmer Singh1, Sudhanshu Gupta, Alok Sharma, Ghanshyam Das Gupta

Category: Pharmaceutics


The ethenopharmacological use of ghee and turmeric mixture on cut and burn wounds has extensively been practiced. However, their mixture found unstable in long-term use due to the rancidity of ghee and oxidation of turmeric. Therefore, developing its stable cream formulation could solve the purpose best as it could replace the mineral oils based all-purpose creams present in the market. The cream was developed by the phase inversion temperature method. It was found to be consistent, elegant, and smooth in feel. The pH, viscosity, firmness, spreadability, and extrudability of the developed cream were found to be 5.9 ± 0.32, 4910 ± 70 cps, 38.33 ± 0.73 g, 67.76 ± 8.13 mJ, and 661.67 ± 8.28 mJ, respectively. It has shown excellent stability at 25°C. The gheebased cream was prepared and stabilized successfully. It was found to be an excellent alternative to the other mineral oil-based all-purpose creams running in the market. It can be used in all types of wounds, foot and hand cracks, and to maintain the skin healthy with the medicinal value of ghee, curcumin, and lavender oil.

Keywords: Ghee, curcumin, lavender oil, all-purpose cream, anti-inflammatory, wound healing


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