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PHARMASPIRE - Volume 12, Issue 3, July-September, 2020

Pages: 89-95

Date of Publication: 10-Jun-2022

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Novel coronavirus: Pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnosis, and management

Author: Suyash Agnihotri, Saranjit Singh, Haamid Rasheed, Sukhbir Kaur

Category: Pharmaceutics


Epidemically increased evidence reveals that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) virus belongs to the class of severe acute respiratory syndrome and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus. Covid-19 was started from the Wuhan city of China in 2019, and now it gradually affecting the whole world. In this paper, the pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnosis and management of the Covid-19 is discussed briefly. Diagnostic methods used for Covid-19 are serology, and nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). These tests are done as per the guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO).

Keywords: Novel coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome, path physiology, serology, diagnostic methods, World Health Organizatio


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