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PHARMASPIRE - Volume 13, Issue 1, January-March 2021

Pages: 11-14

Date of Publication: 09-Jun-2022

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Chemotherapy-induced central nervous system toxicity and syndromes

Author: Lovekesh Singh , Sangita Biswas , Gouranga Sundar Roy , Shamsher Singh

Category: Pharmaceutics


Chemotherapy is used for the treatment of cancer but major drawback is central nervous system (CNS) toxicity (Hippocampus and cortical toxicity). Cancer patient’s shows less sensitivity and tolerance on the usage of chemotherapy that causes damages in the body mainly it affects the targets (hippocampus and cortical regions) of the CNS. CNS toxicity occurs through microglia activation, apoptotic cell death, neuronal demyelination, and oxidative stress. In this article, we have discussed the chemotherapy-induced cortical toxicity, hippocampus toxicity, and syndromes of the CNS. It causes toxic effect either single drug or combination of more than one drug.

Keywords: Central nervous system syndromes, chemotherapy, cortical toxicity, hippocampus toxicity


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