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PHARMASPIRE - Volume 13, Issue 2, April - June, 2021

Pages: 54-63

Date of Publication: 07-Jun-2022

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Recent updates on extraction techniques of bioactive compounds

Author: Priti Singh , Arjun Anant, Abhishek Pathak , Vivek Asati

Category: Pharmaceutics


Bioactive compounds obtained from different natural resources and showed valuable effects in the treatment of various diseases. Extraction processes for these compounds depend on various factors such as the organic solvent, technique that is used, and the raw material. This review focuses on the extraction of bioactive compounds from food by-products of plant origin by a number of novel methods. The various extraction techniques and their recent updates have been summarized to reduce the economic and ecological impact of these processes. In the present review, we tried to explore some novel things related to these techniques with their schematic presentation, which may be helpful for the researchers for selecting right path for extraction of bioactive compounds.

Keywords: Extraction methods, bioactive compounds, soxhlet extraction, ultrasonic extraction, enzyme-assisted extraction


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