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Original Article
Year : 2020   |  Volume : 12  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 61-71

Development and characterization of in situ gel of embelin for the management of Huntington’s disease

Aim: This study aims to investigate the in-situ gel for the enhancement of brain drug concentration of embelin for the effective management of Huntington’s disease. Preparation situ gel was prepared by cold method. Optimization: Prepared in situ gel formulation was optimized and characterized by various parameters such as clarity, gelation temperature, gelation time, gel strength, rheological studies, and mucoadhesive force. Gelation time and temperature, mucoadhesive strength of optimized formulation F3 was found to be 30 s, 32–34°C, 1891 dyne/cm2. Optimized formulation was also evaluated by in vitro drug release and in vivo studies such as behavioral parameter, biochemical estimation, and neurological estimations. Results: By these parameters, optimized formulation was found to be suitable for the management of Huntington’s Disease by nasal route because it bypasses the blood-brain barrier by decreasing oxidative stress.
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