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Original Article
Year : 2020   |  Volume : 12  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 72-78

Formulation, optimization, and characterization of solid lipid dispersion

Aim: Present work was permeation enhancement of metformin hydrochloride using solid lipid dispersion (SLD) technique. Method: The SLD was prepared by coprecipitation method. SLD was prepared at ratio of drug: lipid carrier 1:14 (% w/w) by coevaporation method. Result: Prepared SLD was optimized and characterized by various parameters such as particle size, zeta potential, transmission electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared, and percent entrapment efficiency. SLD had an optimum particle size and showed good stability. Differential scanning calorimetry showed that drug might exist in amorphous form. The maximum amount of drug was entrapped in SLD. In vitro release study revealed that minimum amount of drug was released in the first 2 h in simulated gastric fluid (pH 1.2) and maximum amount of drug was released up to 24 h in simulated intestinal fluid (pH 6.8). Ex vivo studies of plain drug and SLD showed that SLD had better intestinal permeability. Conclusion: SLD shows enhancement of intestinal permeability in turns to increase oral bioavailability.
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