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Review Article
Year : 2018   |  Volume : 10  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 55-63

Recent trends in ocular drug delivery

The eye preparations are sterile, isotonic solution, and buffered solutions. They are used for instant action. They cannot retain for the long time period. It is the major drawback with the conventional eyes dosage form; they are not able to maintain a therapeutic level. Ophthalmic preparation should be free from non-irritant and physiological properties of the material should not affect the physiological condition of the eye, not shown any type blurred vision. To attain the therapeutic effect with prolong action, this can be possible with novel drug delivery system. Ocular insert name is given to preparations which are controlled in the release as well as maintain the therapeutic level of drug in the eye conventional, mostly eye drops are used but due to lack of longer action preparations are modified in the form of ocular inserts. Various novel drug delivery systems have been developed to attain the better therapeutic effect of the drug. This article will cover the recent advancement of ocular to exploit better patient compliance and improved therapeutic efficacy.
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